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- This is one small step for a human, but one giant leap for a dog.

All of the dogs at Cyan's Private Garden Rescue were rescued because, they needed saving from the neglect and cruelty that often happens in the world today. We do this because it pains us to see an animal suffer. So we ask that our potential adopters have the same love for animals that we do. And a desire for justice by providing the dog with a safe and stable home so the dog will never be in jeopardy again.Therefore, we ask that you fill out an application and upon approval, there will also be a home visit. We don't want to leave you stuck with an animal that you don't want so you will have a trial period before the adoption is finalized and a contract is signed. All our dogs are current on vaccines, spayed or neutered. They also have a microchip and do tricks for treats. We have no guarantees as to the dogs behavior, because after all, dogs will be dogs. Some of the dogs that we have came from bad situations and may carry some of those issues with them to their new home. We ask that you be prepared for such an issue if one were to arise. Our adoption fee is non refundable after the trial period and the adoption contract is signed. This fee does not, by any means cover the costs of care that we provide our dogs. Some have had vet bills in the 1000's of dollars. Our benefit is knowing that the dog is going to a home that it can share with you, for the rest of their life. If a transport is needed you will be asked to cover all costs for the transport service. This is a fee that they charge and has nothing to do with this rescue.We wish you the best in finding your perfect match for a Fur-ever Friend.

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